1968 and I'm Hitchhiking Through Europe
by Joe Mack


Hitchhiking? Was he out of his mind??? No, just taking his chances and lucky for us, talking to people everywhere he went.

In 1968, the horror of the Second World War was still fresh in the memory of adult Europeans and they thanked America for their liberation. Many people would have starved after the war without help from the United States. Joe became the beneficiary of their good feelings towards Americans. Not only did he get rides from them, people took him into their homes and told him stories from their hearts. Others were not so kind.

Join his journey through ten countries as Europeans and fellow Americans talk about the events of 1968 that are worth remembering and sharing.

Experience the pleasure and pain that comes with dependence on strangers, and is found behind closed doors or in crazy minds.

See life in the streets through his eyes during a year of hope, trust, love, hate, and revolution.

- Terry Harrris
Solid Press

My new book reads
like a novel but
is a true story.

It takes you to dangerous
situations, troubles with the law, beer, women,
drugs, and fast cars.
It's filled with people I met: kind-hearted, criminal,
just drunk, or completely demented.
It brings to life riots,
protests, street fighting,
and 1968.

- Joe Mack

"Mack's memoir is written eloquently and evokes semblances of Kerouac's 'On the Road' and other classic road trip

-Marquette Tribune

"... it's certainly refreshing
to see a time when people
had a sense of wonder
with the world and the
people in it."

-Encore Magazine

"A great recreational read when one is seeking adventure..."

-The Daily Campus (UConn)

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