1968 and I'm Hitchhiking Through Europe

by Joe Mack

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Here is a true-life adventure that reads like a novel.

The main character is a 21-year-old American college student.The book begins at the end of his summer spent hitchhiking . He's trying to get a ride north to visit two beautiful Swedish cousins he hung out with in Venice, Vienna, and Prague. After all their adventures together, including being detained by the police in Communist Czechoslovakia, he knows they will love seeing him again. He just has a thousand miles of hitchhiking ahead of him and seven days before his flight home leaves from Paris.

The journey through Germany, Denmark and up into Sweden is written in the present tense. Questions from the new friends he makes, have Mack recalling his earlier adventures, in Pamplona, across southern France, down into Italy, and then North to where he meets the Swedes in Venice. These flashbacks are written in the past tense.

Everything is explained.

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